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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Wedding Cake

10 Wedding Cake Tips:

1.  Start looking for your wedding cake baker or caterer 6 months in advance.  Although it will not take that long to bake your wedding cake, bakeries often get booked in advance of wedding dates, especially in prime wedding seasons.


2.  When you meet with the baker, be sure to ask to see a portfolio of pictures that have been taken of the baker’s previous work.  In addition, always check references before making a final decision.


3.  When you are interviewing the bakers, ask each one the same questions so you don’t forget anything and so you can make an accurate comparison.  Some things to inquire about are the set-up and take-down of the tables where the cake will be, who will put the cake topper on the cake, who will place napkins, plates, flowers, etc. on the table, and who will direct the cutting of the cake.


4.  Find out where the cake will be stored (it must be out of direct sunlight), who will be in charge of boxing up the cake top and giving to a previously designated person, what arrangements will be made for the left-over cake, and who will cut the cake and distribute it.


5.  Attend bridal shoes to test different flavors that bakeries have available, as well as to talk to various bakers in your local area.


6. Look online or in magazines for pictures of cakes that you like, and bring the picture when you’re discussing your ideas with the baker or caterer you have chosen to make your wedding cake.


7.  Bring your cake topper, picture of your floral arrangement, or a sample piece of fabric from the bridesmaids dress along with you before you choose your wedding cake, (or at least a few months before the big day) so the baker can incorporate the piece into his or her design and color scheme.


8.  Know how many people are coming to your wedding before you decide upon a wedding cake.  If you have a very large group to feed, discuss the idea of a groom’s cake.  This way you can show two creative sides.  The wedding cake can be as elegant as you want, but have the groom’s cake reflect something about the groom, his hobbies, job etc.


9.  When you are reviewing a baker’s contract, be sure to note several things.  For instance, you should immediately see the name, contact person, location, and phone numbers for the bakery.  The cake size, shape, and number of tiers must be on the contract. Be sure that the cake flavor(s), fillings, and icing are noted and that returnable items are clearly stated.


10.  Be sure that the number of guests the cake is to serve is on the contract as well as when the cake was ordered, when the cake will be delivered and assembled, what the set-up fee is (if applicable), and the due dates for deposits and balances.


Choosing a cake can really be a lot of fun. You have the chance to sample some goodies and make some light-hearted decisions about fillings, flavors, and decorations.  However, in the process, make sure you are noting all of the details that need to be covered so that you are confident in your baker’s ability to deliver the wedding cake that you are expecting.