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The Groom’s Cake: A New Look at Cake Design

When thinking about purchasing your wedding cake, you should consider whether or not to have a “groom’s cake.”  Having a groom’s cake is more of a southern tradition, but has spread throughout the United States in recent years.  This is often a time to give the groom a little limelight in the wedding process.  Typically, most of the decisions for wedding décor and details are chosen by the bride, with the groom’s opinion taken into consideration.  The groom’s cake is typically a little less flashy and fancy than the rest of the wedding themes and decorations; it should be more personalized towards the groom’s style.   Some brides surprise their groom with this cake, and unveil it prior to the cake cutting ceremony or even at the rehearsal dinner.


If you choose to have a groom’s cake, here are number of ideas to consider when choosing the theme for your groom’s cake.


1.  Does the groom have a favorite sport or sports team?  Try a cake shaped as a jersey or piece of sports equipment (a hockey puck, football helmet, baseball glove) decorated with the groom’s favorite team or player.


2.  Consider the groom’s favorite pet, his other loyal companion.  Bring a picture of his pet dog, horse, or snake with you to the bakery, and they can do wonders to replicate the pet’s likeness.


3.  Does he have a favorite car, a dream car, or a motorcycle that really identifies his personality?  Cakes can truly take on these forms to even the smallest detail.


4.  Does the groom sing, is he in a band, or does he play an instrument?  A cake in the shape of a guitar, or a microphone would really rock your wedding party!


5.  Is your husband a handyman or techy guy?  Consider a cake shaped as a tool or electronic device.


The possibilities for a groom’s cake, like any wedding cake, are endless.  You can really use your imagination when choosing this cake – no limitations.  You may have to consider your wedding cake budget before choosing to have a groom’s cake; however, having a groom’s cake is a fun way to incorporate both of your individual tastes into the cake centerpieces.